Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line

Upgrade your galvanizing production line with our advanced Automatic Transmission System. Made in our factory for maximum efficiency and performance.
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Automatic or Semi-Automatic Chain, Ring and Docking orbit, Transportation System using for Hot Dip Galvanizing production Lines

1. Hebei Annuo design and manufacture of complete equipment production line consist of below parts-
- Monorail hoist
- Transfer trolley
- Chain conveyor
- Steel structure pre
-treatment room
- Acid storage tank
- Flux heating system
- Waste heat utilization equipment
- Rinse water treatment system
- Acid fume collect and filter equipment
- Acid Neutralization system and filter press
- Furnace - Zinc kettle
- Zinc fume enclosure
- Bag house filter system for white fume enclosure
- Zinc smoking treatment system

Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line

2. Transmission System design and manufacturing by Hebei Annuo

The transmission system designed and manufactured by annuo can be applied to different production lines, for example, Chain, Ring and Docking orbit  production Lines.
Different transmission systems can be designed for different workshop sizes and production lines type.
The system includes Transfer trolley and lifting stations, as well as a special corrosion-resistant transmission system in a closed pickling room. And the delivery system after coming out of the pickling room.
The entire system can be designed to be fully automated and semi-automated from different requirement of costomer.

Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line

Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line

Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line

3. Advantages of Mechanical Transmission System:

  • Technical advantages
           World-class scientific research equipment
           Strong research team including 50 experts, professors, senior engineers and other high-tech R&D specialists.
           Established strategic partnership with famous universities and research institues in China and abroad.
           World-Class leading hot-dip galvanizing techniques.
           Latest concept of factory and production line design.
           Capability of new equipment invention and development.
  • Planning and design advantages of whole production line
          From research, design report, demonstration, designing, proposal to fabrication, engineering construction, engineer commissioning and maintain service, all can be customized in Hebei Annuo.
  • Quality advantages
          Quality is our life.Quality management team is leaded by general manager, rugular quality meetings and market feedback meetings are held once a week.
  • Project construction advantages
        Adopt 3-3-1 project management system (ie 3 managers, 3 quality-control members, and 1 coordinator)
  • Service advanges

        We provice the best tailored solutions to customers.

Automation or Semi-Automation control and monitor system

A professional automation system guarantees the automated operation and safe operation of the whole production line. It can directly monitor the working condition of the production line on the screen. If there is a problem with the program also can switch from automatic to manual directly.

Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line
In the automated transmission system, the transport vehicle automatically goes to the lifting platform to get the black piece white piece. Then transported to the pickling room
Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line
Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line

In the closed pickling room, the entire transmission equipment uses corrosion-resistant materials to ensure a long life cycle of the equipment
Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line

When finished in the closed pickling room transfer track is converted to a conveyor used in the air then galvanized, passivated and cooled then automatically transferred to the white lifting station.

4. Transfer trolley for raw parts during hot dip glavanzing line Advantage
1. The lowest rated motor power under the same capacity conditions
2. The damage probability is very small
3. The recoverable cost for all equipments in working area is very low
4. Adjust loading capacity , easy to maintenance

Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line

Automatically Transmission System of Galvanizing Production Line

Advantages Of Hot Dip Galvanizing Process ByHebei Annuo :
Lower investment and production cost Short construction periods
Low maintenance and easy operation High galvanizing quality
Advanced environment protective system Flexibility designing to meet the customers' requirements 
Quality reliable and Durable equipment complies with current environmental standard

Hebei Anuo Hot Dip Galvanizing lines are specifically designed for manufacturing top- quality galvanized products for transmission line towers, railway electrification, substation structures, structure galvanizing, fasteners galvanizing, rural electrification, pipe galvanizing, wire galvanizing, solar structure galvanizing etc.

Our galvanizing line is designed by our experienced engineers, it ensures the uniformity of the galvanized layer on steelworks, and with good corrosion resistance and adhesion strength, the mature technology is approved and favorable by hundreds of modern galvanizing industry. The combination of outstanding mechanical equipment , furnace, closed pre-treatment room, and post-treatment sections leads to increased plant competitiveness, with excellent coatings for all the required steel grades, maximized production capacity, and low environmental impact.

We offer industry-leading consultancy, engineering, project management, constructin management, regulatory compliance, and environmental expertise to our clients in the galvanizing industry who need to set up the plant on turnkey basis.

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